Holly Christmas

Hi all,
here to share my latest DigiStamp Boutique DT creation

I have once again used the gorgeous Christmas accents 
I still can't quite believe the value of this truly wonderful little set of images. 
I think, I will probably use them on just about every Christmas make this year!

Thanks for stopping by today
Kerry x


Alison59 said...

Hello Kerry, another super CAS card :-)

Hope all is well in your home x

Faith A said...

Gosh this is beautiful, love your papers, perfect for the holly image.

Jo Davies said...

Beautiful CAS card Kerry, your work is always so pretty and vibrant looking, it has been such a long time since I have made any cards and blogged but am getting back into it this weekend, so thought I'd pop in to leave some love Jo xxx

Muhammad Amiruddien said...


Saya nak tumpang promosi website...

Terima kasih...

Anonymous said...

Love the use of patterns on this - but still beautifully CAS - perfect for making lots of cards

Arrman Mia said...

Admin, if not okay please remove!

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Rubel Hilarious said...

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J Brown said...

Just wanted to say hi Kerry, hope you are well love Jane x

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi Kerry, hope you are well love Jane

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Susan Smitha said...

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Mohammed Miraz said...

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Pop's Cards said...

I love this so simple yet elegant, hope you are well hugs Pops x

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