Hello my lovelies :)

Well it's been a long while since I posted hasn't it?

Things are just so hectic  trying to get in to a routine caring for Mum.  The little time I have had I have sat here and shuffled bits of paper round and gotten nowhere fast!! :( A lot of the time after the basic care my mum just needs company/chat as she is sooo bored and with her not being able to see well she is VERY limited in what she can do. So I have started taking a bit of crochet with me whilst I sit with her and chat. Here is what I've made the last few days...some little hats for the kiddies for winter :)

I do hope you are all keeping well and thanks ever so much for all your continued messages about my mum . Take care all and keep safe and warm in this awful weather we are having at the mo :(

Kerry x


Jane said...

Lovely to hear from you Kerry, gorgeous hats! Take care, Jane x

Julie said...

These hats are gorgeous. Best wishes to you and your Mum.

Hazel said...

Sorry read you have had so much trouble getting your mums care sorted. These hats are fabulous.

Hazel x

Hazel said...

Sorry read you have had so much trouble getting your mums care sorted. These hats are fabulous.

Hazel x

ALI said...

Hope you get things sorted soon, love the hats are you doing them in adults sizes...lol

ginny c said...

Sorry to hear about your mum hope you get everthing sorted, hats are great

Dawn said...

Kerry, so sorry to hear things aren't so good for you and your mum. The hats look great but really miss you lovely cards. Hope things get better for you. x

rosie said...

fab hats Kerry.
hope your Mum is doing well and you too of course x

sueo78 said...

Oh Kerry I so agree with you. I have battled with SS for quite a while and like you, have spent hours on the phone and filling in forms. Finally they have listened and lo and behold have agreed with me that Mum is no longer safe at home. Mum had also been telling them this but in their wisdom, finances were what mattered. Thankfully, this week saw them agree to her permanent residency in a lovely care home and us being able to deal with her personal stuff. Difficult to do but in her best interests. Just wish I lived nearer to her than over 30 miles away. Keep on fighting for what your Mum needs.
Sue x

Gwyneth said...

I hope your battle to sort things for your mother get sorted soon. You've made some lovely hats, and I love the owl one.

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maggie said...

great hats..sorry to hear of the hassle with socia services .hope it gets sorted for your mum x

Anne said...

Sorry to hear about all your trouble Kerry, I agree with you about social services although I haven't yet had to deal with them about an elderly person just a young adult. Love the hats especially the owl one my grandaughter would love it is it from a pattern please. Take lots of inspiration from your blog and am nearly finished a Terry Kimbrough afghan after seeing yours, take care Anne

crafty-stamper said...

gorgeous hats I love the owl one -good luck with the battle for your Mum I had this with my dad they said he was fine to live alone and he couldn't even hold a cup on his own!!
Carol x

loftylass said...

Hi Kerry.... just found your blog (via papermill email).
Enjoying a meander through.... lots of things catching my eye.... love your crochet hats (must look out for the pattern - my grandchildren would love them.
So pleased your mum is coming to terms with her health issues. Take care.

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