Money gift wallets and the wallpaper saga continues

My sister asked me to make some little wallets to put the kids Christmas money in

I made these quick and simple ones complete with belly bands
using free papers from summertime designs
Added a load of glamour dust some ribbon and some computer generated wording cut out with nestabilities and voila ..sorted! I only wished the rest of the Christmas stuff I have left to do was so simple. gulp!

Well I went to take my wallpaper back..yes you guessed it even though they had assured me on the phone that had the 6 rolls they didn't have 6 rolls with the same batch number!
Homebase your customer service is pants!. 
So my options are to travel about 30 miles to another store who have them, pay the delivery charge and order it from the website or they can order it in store but it may take 3 weeks to come?? As you can imagine I was not best impressed! I asked if they could just ring round and find one roll with the same batch number as the 5 I already have and have it sent to my local store or them pay the delivery charge to my home as a way of any apology for my time and trouble traipsing round when it was there fault in the first AND second place.. Honestly you would have thought I had asked for the life of the woman's first born or something. Oh no that's just to simple!!!. So I decided I would just take my custom else where out of principle. I've probably bitten my nose off to spite my face as I couldn't find anything I liked at much when I had a look yesterday :( I had set my heart on green but if I can't find anything that means more traipsing round the shops taking all the accessories back too. Not something I'm looking forward to at this time of year..grrr!!!

Right moan over on a positive note I did come home with a bag full of tree decs. Don't tell hubby though or I am for the chop! lol

Thanks for stopping by today
Kerry x


Julie said...

It's so infuriating when shop staff have no idea, I got myself in a do dah in Hobbycraft listening to a staff member giving entirely the wrong product details to a novice crafter. I know I may have seemed nosey but found myself telling the crafter the information she was after! Anyway,Love your wallets Kerry,had to giggle though as I'd just posted a wallet on my blog too,LOVE your design,and what a perfect design for Christmas! I found myself in Ikea too,wondering what all the different fleeces would look like as one of your fab cushions! No time for stitching for me unfortunately though:(
Have a great evening,Julie.x

GoonerGirl said...

Fab wallets Kerry great idea, might have to take insiration from you as my grand children want money this year. Hope you sort your wallpaper out so glad I just paint.. Chris xx

martina's kaartjes said...

so pretty, lovely done, great colors ! greetings, martina

mags said...

Lovely wallets Kerry. They are so perfect for money presents. Hope you get your wallpaper sorted.

rosie said...

gorgeous wallets Kerry. love the papes. might have to take some inspiration (as always!! LOL) from you and make some of these myself.

hope you get the wallpaper sorted x

Abbie721 said...

Kerry love those wallets, bright and cheerful, love them xx

Jane said...

Money wallets fab Kerry, sorry to hear about your wallpaper episode. Treated myself to a new xmas tree again this year not sure on the colour scheme but I can see some more baubles on my list to get! Jane x

Christine L said...

Brilliant money wallets Kerry.. Clever idea!

Sorry you're still having pr boles re the wallpaper... Grrrr to home base!
Christine x

Lee said...

Ooooh no not good for the stress levels.Your money gift wallets are fab though.xx

CraftyLoops said...

Oh dear Kerry, how frustrating that you had to send back all the wallpaper. You should have kept it and asked one of us to search our homebases, find one for you and posted it to you. Hmmmm, maybe the postage would have cost as much as the wallpaper though. Love your money wallets, theyre gorgeous. Lee x

MARY B said...

These are lovely, just perfect, Mary x

Lynsey said...

Gorgeous wallets Kerry, love these. Sorry to hear about your nightmare time with Homebase! They are really not the best are they. I don't see the problem with delivering it to you for free... why is it not that simple?! ARGH! Take Care Love! Lyns xx

Teresa said...

Hi Kerry,
These are fab wallets, what a great idea, much, much nicer and prettier than putting the money in an envelope...sorry to hear about your wallpaper, hope you get it sorted out soon, Hugs, Teresa x

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