I've not been feeling to well with my stomach again over the weekend. Infact I considered taking myself off to the hospital about 4am I think the pain and lack of sleep had taken it's toll by then but I managed to hang in there though and have drugged myself up.  So it's a day on the sofa under the blanket  watching a bit of telly and browsing on the laptop, hopefully dozing in between (please god)

anyhow when I'm not up to much I have discovered a new pastime
are you on there? If you are not pop over and have a nosey. I warn you though its like crack for crafters.
Yes I am an ADDICT ..oh dear

Kerry x


Laverne said...

I have just found Pinterest too & am addicted. Hope you sort out the tummy problems.


Sarah said...

Hi Kerry I hope you're feeling better soon, take it easy and get plenty of rest.
I've heard a few people mention Pintrest but I've not ventured into it yet.
Sorry I've been a bad blogger. I'm trying to rectify not only this but my crafting too.
Sarah xx :0)

Christine L said...

So sorry you're not too good again Kerry... Get yourself a hottie bottle under that blanket.. They work wonders!

Not been into pinterest yet.. Will have to check it out!
Christine x

Sally said...

Love Pinterest its just amazing I think. Sorry you aren't feeling too good. Have a good evening or at least try :)
Hugs Sally xx

Sue said...

Hope you are feeling better Kerry,hot water bottle will help some.Just had a look at pintrest,wow.
Sue x

Julie said...

Oh Kerry,poor you,rest up and get better soon! I have had an invite to Pintrest but I must admit I haven't taken a look as I'm scared of getting addicted,I've so little spare time at the mo! Major hugs,Julie.x

Fiona said...

Hi! Hope you're feeling better soon. I've just joined Pinterest and your name came up as a suggestion to follow (probably because of FB?).
Still coming to grips with it - I seem to be following lots of people without doing anything!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kerry, sorry to hear you're not feeling so good - hope a day on the sofa will help. So far, I've escaped the lure of Pinterest - just haven't got the time for more than one time-consuming addiction (blogging)at at time. Take care and keep resting. Elizabeth x

magic said...

i dont think i should of clicked the pinterest link. i may never come off the site.

hope you feel better x

Viv said...

Sorry you are not well again Kerry :O(..yes I am also a Pinterest addict too I am always on it now, there should be a warning!!!:O) Viv xx

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