How to make fancy sentiments using text boxes in word

Open a new document and select the size and orientation to suit your needs
Click on the insert tab then select text box and the first option

This will insert your first text box

Now whilst the text box is selected ( you do that by clicking on it and a blue box will appear around it)
( in the format tab) Click on text wrapping and choose tight as indicated below


Now enter you text in the box by clicking within the box and typing, then use the text editing tools to change the size/fonts/etc

You will notice that the box has a border and a solid background ...you will need to remove these

select the text box  by clicking on it ( a blue border should appear)
 Now hover over one of the small blue toggle boxes around the outline and right click
then choose format text box from the drop down menu

 Change the fill and line boxes to no colour
then click ok

You can now add additional boxes either by following the steps above or by copying and pasting the  first box
 (much easier because all the formatting such as removing the border is already done )
To copy and paste : click on the text box to select it , right click choose copy then right click again and paste

 Then you can edit the text in the second box using the text editing tools shown below

To move you boxes around you simply pick them up and drag and drop them to wherever you wish
To do this
hover your cursor anywhere around the edge of the text box until the pointer changes to a symbol which looks like four arrows pointing north south east west
whilst this symbol is showing hold down the left mouse button (this picks the box up) then whilst still holding down the left mouse button move your cursor to move the box simply let go of the left mouse button to drop it.

Once you are happy with the placement you can group your words together so you can move them as a whole
To do this hold down the shift key and click on the first box to select it, whilst still holding down the shift key click on the second box to select it. now whist both boxes are highlighted right click over one of the small blue toggle boxes and select grouping then group from the drop down menus as below

Et voila you now have a fancy sentiment 

There is also a  post here about how to set up a word docmuent to print directly onto your card blank
Any questions feel free to chatbox  me


Anonymous said...

thanks kerry, your tutorials are so clear and even a numpty like me can follow them.


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Thanks, Kerry. Looks really easy to follow.Ruth x

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Keryn x

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Whow! What great lessons you have given us. I have bookmarked for use (and practise) later.
Thanks for commenting on my card.
Love the title of your blog.

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Irene said...

Thank you so much Kerry for your tutorials I have wanted to do this for ages.


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Hi Kerry, have just had a go at creating a card blank and inserting text following your tutorials and it worked! Thanks ever so much, very clear and helpful tutorial. Sarah

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Thank You Kerry!!
This tutorial is very clear, I am thrilled to start my Birthday and Xmas cards! Love from Oz

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