Printing off the edge ....

......of your card blank
A few people have asked me how to achieve this when you don't have a borderless printer.
It very simple indeed
I just print onto an a4 sheet on card

I use page plus to do this and set the page up like so

The red lines indicate where I would fold and trim the card down to make my square card.
Obviously you can use these in many configurations and sizes depending on the
dimensions/layout of the finished card you wish to achieve.
I always use these as it gives a great indication of how the images will print and can really help when trying to figure out your layout. I used the same technique on these cards HERE
Obviously there will be a small gap at the bottom of the page that does not print. I simply trim this off.

Hope that helps
Kerry x


Elizabeth said...

Hello Kerry, this is so simple when explained that I'm left thinking 'why didn't I think of that' but that is the difference between us - you're the one who thought of it - bloomin' ingeneous! Elizabeth x

Sapphires-Crafty-Cards said...

Hi Kerry,thank you so much for that,i could never get this straight forward instructions..of to have ago..
Michelle x

kay said...

thanks kerry,just had a go and printed and cut out on card,off to colour now,x

Kathleen said...

that's what i'd do!!
great minds think alike - altho i'd move the red lines to the left so i only have to cut one side of the card and have a bigger piece of spare card to use at a later date rather than two thin pieces.

Teresa said...

Great tut Kerry.
Thanks for all your help on my blog! xxxx

Amanda said...

Hi Kerry
Thank you for the tut, I always wondered how you aligned the images and text and now I know lol.

MARY B said...

Know I'm really dim but what is page plus. Mary x