A lot of people asked how....

I made this card here

Well the answer is it's very very simple
All you need is 2 square card blanks and a piece of card measuring the same as one of cards when folded.

Take the 2 card blanks and score down the middle of both fronts so you end up with two card that look like this

Stick the 2 backsides together to give you this

Then adhere the square piece of card to one of the fold backs
You can stick it on any side whatever suits really

You can either adhere it as shown above and that will fit in an C5 envelope if using 6x6 cards
or you can adhere the panel so it lines up with the outside edge of the flap then when folded
it will go into the square envelope

Anyway hope that helps
Kerry x


cardmaking bird said...

That's fab - and you could always make the smaller flap detachable - as a bookmark or something. Hugs, Marie x

Lisa xx said...

useful info, thanks Kerry and what a super card too

Christine L said...

Thanks for sharing Kerry - hope you're feeling better now
Christine x

Suzie Q said...

lovely card Kerry, the sentiment is beautifulx
Suzie Qx

Jennie said...

Thats fantastic Kerry! Thanks so much xxxx

skated said...

OOO i like the look of this one, i might have to give it a go, thanks Kerry. I love blogging now as im getting to find out loads of new techniques and tips

Kate xxx

Barbara said...

Hope you ae feeling better ,thanks for the advice,love the card

Carrie said...

Will need to be trying this one Kerry!! Thanks for the tutorial! xxx

Sally said...

Great idea Kerry, I might have a go myself!
Sally x

Redland81 said...

Thanks for that Kerry much appreciated

Faith A said...

What a great idea, thanks for sharing I'll have to have a go at this.

Enamul Hoq said...

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