nothing nadda zilch ....

That's what I've got to show you all...sorry :(

My stomach is really giving me problems at the moment. Been to docs last evening and he is sending me to the hospital again for some more tests . Hopefully they will be able to give me a definite diagnosis this time. The pain is horrendous!! Don't know how much more I can stand without going potty. Although hubby would say I am already there lol

I have booked the day off on Friday and I am hoping to be able to sit long enough to be able to create something ...fingers crossed.

Thanks for all the lovely comments you have been leaving..means soo much to me :)

Kerry x


Little K Smith said...

Hi Kerry
Sorry to hear your're poorly, hope your're alot better soon.
Best wishes.

mylkrafts said...

Get well soon, as every is missing your lovely cards, including me ;o)

Squirrel x said...

Oh sweetie, sorry you are poorly. I hope the tests aren't too nasty and that the docs can sort you out quick. Thought you'd been a bit quiet. Sending you loadsa love and big get well wishes! Hugs, Squirrel xx

Mrs Wonka said...

Hope you feel better soon x

mckinkle said...

Hi Kerry, lets hope that you manage a little crafting on Friday, it will certainly lift your spirits a little if nothing else!
Hope your tummy settles asap but then again not b4 the medics can diagnose it.

I do love your Mikey cards, arent they just FUN?!

keep well,
Keryn x

Lizzy said...

Awwww hun, sorry to hear you are poorly ~ hope your doc sorts everything out for you asap ~ hope to see you back soon ~ take care xx luv lizzy xx

Karen said...

Hi Kerry, so sorry to hear you are poorly. I hope that they can get you sorted out after these tests are done. I suffered something terrible for around 18 months until they finally decided to remove my gall bladder and I have not looked back since, so I really hope they get you sorted out.
Karen x

Mandi said...

Oh you poor thing, do hope they sort it for you really soon

Take care hunni

look forward to seeing your next creations
mandi xx

Paula Gale said...

aaaw Kerry - its not good and its not right that you should be in pain. Make sure that the Doc gets you sorted out real soon.

Paula x x x


Hi Kerry
Hope you are feeling better soon and hopefully you will be sorted soon,
Take care
Hugs Dianne xx


So sorry to hear that you are having such terrible trouble with your stomach Kerry, hope the doctor can get it sorted for you soon, i can imagine how miserable it must make you feel!! sending you lots of hugs, and love for a speedy recovery, keep your chin up sweetie, hugs Linda x

amanda stokes said...

Hi Kerry!
I hope things get sorted for you soon so you can get back to making those fab cards of yours! :)
love the card below btw its fab!
hugs amanda xx

Aunty Sue said...

Hi kerry sorry to hear this i know how you feel i should be at college but had tanother week off with mine, although i know what mine is doesnt make it less painful does it. Hope they sort you real soon hard not know doesnt help either. Take care Sue xx

Sarpreet said...

Hi Kerry, sorry to hear you are not well, hope you feel better soon

Vicky said...

awww...kerry. you sound bad! hpe its not something like gallstones! my grandmad had them recently and she was in terrible pain! get better soon...we love seeing your cards!

Grenouille Greetings said...

So sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly, Kerry. Hope you feel better soon!!!! Warmest wishes, Lesley

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